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Member Registration

If you are a member of Adat Yeshua (which means that you attend Adat Yeshua, had applied for membership, went through an interview with an Elder for membership and was told that you were approved for membership), then you can request registration here to access the Member section of this website. All membership requests are screened and any non-Adat Yeshua people trying to register will be rejected.

You agree that:

1. You (or your family) will not share your member's​ login and password with anyone else (besides your immediate family who attends Adat Y​shua with you). We don'​t want non-Adat Yeshua people having access to this information for the security of the members of Adat Yeshua.

2. You will not make any of this information public or share it with non-Adat   Yeshua people (without prior approval from the Elders).

3. You will not use any of this information for solicitation purposes.

4. If you ever stop being a member of (or stop attending regularly) Adat Yeshua, then you will stop using this Member's​ section of the website.

If you agree to all of the above, please check the box indicating you accept the Terms and Conditions.